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What is Fukui Co-operative Society
(Fukui Kenmin Seikatsu Kyōdō-Kumiai)?

Fukui Co-operative Society started out in 1977 as a local retail cooperative society to supply goods purchased on a bulk-order basis all over Fukui Prefecture. Its aim is to improve people’s lives by meeting the collective needs of its members and consolidating their purchasing power.
In 1978, the year after its foundation, the cooperative society received the official sanction of Fukui Prefecture and started full-scale operations with the aim of meeting its members’ needs and expectations.
Fukui Co-operative Society is a cooperative organization used, managed and capitalized by its members so that they can collectively seek to maintain and improve their health and welfare.


The Co-operative Society serves the needs of its members and the local community.

Aims and structure

The Co-operative Society harnesses the synergies between its cooperative activities and local community networks to assure the provision of food, welfare and mutual assistance. Its commitment is to work ceaselessly, with the cooperation of its members, staff and the local community, to assure a safe and secure Fukui so that all can enjoy a long and healthy life.

Mission statement

So that our members can feel that their food purchases and lifestyles are assured, our cherished principles are “Safety and Assurance” “Participation in Planning” “Service” and “Sound management”.

For first-time users

Fukui Co-operative Society seeks to protect the lives and health of its members and the local community, and to improve their welfare. We aim to serve our members through six businesses and services, as well as various other activities.

Home delivery service of coop goods

We deliver goods ordered from our catalogues (mainly food products) once a week to members’ homes or other designated places.

Hearts (retail outlets)

Hearts stores sell coop goods and local and farm-fresh products. The aim is to support people’s health, lifestyles and family gatherings.

Life assistance

For those who need assistance for daily shopping and cooking, we deliver food and ready-to-eat meals using our mobile stores and home delivery services, or we do the shopping for them.

Mutual aid

Mutual aid is there to help in case of injury, sickness and natural disasters. It takes the shape of a basic insurance plan for all family members with monthly payments starting from 1,000 yen.

“Hearts Kids” – help with child-care

We support parents by providing temporary child-care and nursing facilities at our Children’s Plazas (Kosodate Hiroba), which provide a safe space for families and children to be themselves and feel at home.

Nursing care for the elderly

We provide the elderly with nursing care services according to their individual healthcare and lifestyle needs, working in close cooperation with local communities.

“Mirei” – funeral services

Our “Mirei” funeral services assure a ceremony that will meet the highest standards.

Kirameki Support service

We help when you need it if you run into a problem in your daily life.

Message from the President

Year 2017 was the mid-term year of Fukui Co-operative Society’s ninth mid-term plan (Years 2015–2020). Thanks to our members’ support and cooperation, we have achieved steady progress toward the realization of our vision. Further, we have received the accreditation of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in the form of its “Platinum Kurumin Mark” as an organization that supports an excellent balance between work and family. We would like to thank you sincerely for your support.
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of Fukui Co-operative Society. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all our members and the local communities who have cherished and supported us. Now is the time for us to set out resolutely for the next stage in our story. Our plans include setting up a new type of local community shop to revitalize local communities in alliance with Minami-Echizen Town, launching food-processing facilities for ready-prepared food and packed meals using local agricultural products, in collaboration with JA Fukui, the local agricultural cooperative association, opening our tenth Hearts store in Sabae City, and working on various other projects to celebrate our 40th year. Furthermore, we are an official supporter for Fukui’s 2018 “Happy & Vigorous” National Sports Festival & Para-sports Festival, which is due to be held this autumn.
Finally, we will continue to do our utmost for all our members and the local community. Again, I would like to thank you all for your great support.

April, 2018.
President Masato Takō

Financial Report

1. Profit and loss statement for April 1, 2017 ~ March 31, 2018
(¥ thousands)

  Results for Fiscal 2017 Business divisions
Home delivery business Store business Mutual aid business Welfare business
Total income 23,583,082 11,755,655 9,617,911 219,030 1,990,485
Sales income 21,292,440 11,684,299 9,608,140    
Welfare business income 1,861,878       1,861,878
Welfare business cost 1,396,221       1,396,221
Welfare business surplus 465,656       465,656
Other business income 428,764 71,355 9,770 219,030 128,607
Total surplus 6,345,649 3,219,757 2,312,596 219,030 594,264
Business expenses 6,234,181  
Personnel expenses 2,592,613
Non-personnel expenses 3,641,568
Business surplus 111,467
Non-business income 89,429
Non-operating expenses 8,040
Current surplus 192,855
Extraordinary gain 165,187
Extraordinary loss 266,902
Current surplus before tax 91,140
Corporation tax 85,476
Current surplus 5,664
Surplus at the beginning of current period 37,349
Reversal of reserve fund 12,445
Current unappropriated surplus 55,459

2. Financial status
[as of March 31, 2018 (¥ thousands)]

ItemsCurrent unappropriated balance
I. Liquid assets
Cash and deposit4,137,943
Supply accounts receivable686,087
Other liquid assets661,984
Provision for bad debts▲9,053
Total liquid assets5,720,284
II. Fixed assets
Tangible fixed assets9,235,922
Intangible fixed assets406,310
Other fixed assets1,732,033
Total fixed assets11,374,266
ItemsBalance at the end of the year
III. Liquid debt
Total liquid debt4,066,268
IV. Fixed debt
Fixed debt267,870
Total debt4,334,139
V. Union members’ funds
Share capital9,300,634
VI. Surplus
Legal reserve capital2,603,200
Voluntary reserve801,118
Unappropriated surplus for the current year55,459
(current surplus of which)(5,664)
Total pure assets12,760,411

Corporate Profile

Name Fukui Kenmin Seikatsu Kyōdō Kumiai (Fukui Co-operative Society)
Head office 5-1603, Kaihotsu, Fukui City, Fukui 910-0842, Japan.
Number of union members 153,137 (household subscription rate: 53.8%)
Capital ¥9,300,630,000-
Net income ¥23,583,080,000-
Current surplus ¥192,850,000-
Full-time executive officers
President (Representative Director)
TAKŌ, Masato
- General Director
Executive Director (Representative Director)
- Director of internal bureaus and retail stores
Managing Director
HIHARA, Hiroki
- Supervisor of management, welfare and organization
Operations Director
- Supervisor of delivery service, mutual aid, and life-support businesses
Operations Director
- Overall director general
Business premises Four delivery service centers, nine stores, 13 nursing homes for the elderly, nine childcare support centers, head office
Number of employees 952 (253 full-time employees, 699 part-time employees)

As of March 31, 2018.